Past Events

Date Title Slides Video Presenter(s)
October 29th 2015 LLVM Developers’ Meeting slides video JF Bastien and Dan Gohman
November 10th 2015 BlinkOn 5: WebAssembly   video Nick Bray
December 9th 2015 Emscripten and WebAssembly slides   Alon Zakai
January 31st 2016 FOSDEM LLVM room slides   JF Bastien and Dan Gohman
June 13th 2016 NYLUG Presents: WebAssembly: A New Compiler Target For The Web   video Luke Wagner
July 7th 2016 VMSS16: A Little on V8 and WebAssembly slides video Ben L. Titzer
September 14th 2016 WebAssembly: birth of a virtual ISA   video Ben Smith
September 21st 2016 C++ on the Web: Let’s have some serious fun   video Dan Gohman
September 22nd 2016 WebAssembly: high speed at low cost for everyone paper   Andreas Rossberg
November 7th 2016 Empire Node: How Webassembly Will Change the Way You Write Javascript   video Seth Samuel
November 12th 2016 Chrome Dev Summit Advanced JS performance with V8 and WebAssembly   video Seth Thompson


Date Title Slides Video Presenter(s)
October 31st 2016 VMIL16: WebAssembly from wire to machine code: a view inside V8’s implementation     Ben L. Titzer